Cardi B shared (then deleted) the below video with her followers,displaying gifts Offset purchased for her for Christmas:

Offset splurged on 7 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels for Ms.Belcalis,包括1美元,295Alta Firma See-Through Vinyl Red Sole Pumps,$1,195Follies Strass 85mm Glitter-Heel Mesh Red Sole Pumps,$1,295So Kate 100 Calf Caligraf Red Sole Booties,$1,295Naked Bow Red Sole Pumps,$745Iriza Glitter Half d'Orsay Red Sole Pumps,$795Jonatina Sandals,$995Eloise Glitter Velvet Red Sole Booties,and $775Graffiti So Kate Pumps:

His total Louboutin bill before taxes: $8,390

Let's move on to handbags,shall we?Offset showed out,gifting Cardi two Chanel bags: a $6,100 Lambskin and Gold Tone Metal red Flap Bag with Top Handleand a $5,600 Classic Handbag(SN when did Chanel start selling online?):

Total Chanel Bill: $11,700

She then goes on to showcase some Hermes bags.Hermes famously never publicizes their prices,but Birkins generally start at $10,000 and exotic skins can cost $25,000 and up (the most expensive Hermes is around $350,000).Offset got Cardi 3 Birkins,one of which was an exotic skin,and a luggage sized bag as well.Looking at prices of used bags on The Real Real,I'd guesstimate that he spent around $50,000-$75,000 on bags:

Total Hermes Bill: $60,000 (approx)

He also gifted Cardi with some Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelets,dipped in diamonds,along with a few bejeweled bracelets.Her Juste un Clou bracelets with diamonds are listed for $81,000 each:

Total Cartier Bill: $162,000
In sum,it looks as if Offset spent $242,090 on gifts for Cardi.Let's round up and say $250,000.
What do you think of Offset's Christmas gift buying fest??
**After 1 million views,开襟羊毛衫从她的页面,删除视频perhaps due to negative feedback.What do you think??


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